#OwlWatch – Wave 6 / slight ripple

Ahem first I got truly excited for all my #pottermorefamily who are still outside! But sadly the ‘Wave’ was not really a wave at all, no twitter BOOM either, someone actually said it was more like a ‘poof’. I completely agree! Grrr what is Pottermore doing really? Just letting in 1000 or so in today is simply not enough to achieve the 1 million mark by 30th September! The site isn’t stable as yet, as both games to earn House points are not working for me, but the server should at least be able to cope with 30.000 of us! Hope things improve FAST as I don’t think our #pottermorefamily can cope much longer with these daily disappointments…

Oh and before I forget I do congratulate the ones that did get in today (oh lucky few) xxx


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  1. DawnBronze
    Aug 25, 2011 @ 08:48:42

    yay!!!!!!!!!! Spells and potions worked for me yesterday evening (uhum night) but even on low res it was a bit slow. LOVE LOVE LOVE it though ^^

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