Pottermore Review – a first insight

This is my first review about Pottermore, based on my first few days of attending ‘Hogwarts’. I’m sure my thoughts will change the more Pottermore becomes more stable as a website. I’ll be discussing the awesome, the good and the disappointing  things about Pottermore. As I know many want to stay utterly spoilerfree , simply click on the more tab to read the full review.

Comments  feedback and discussions are more than welcome! 😀  

 *Spoiler Alert if you click on ‘More’* 

The Awesome

The artwork is mind-blowingly awesome! They really have invested a lot of time and effort in bringing the book and its chapters to life. You start off at Privet Drive and finish at the end- of year- feast, 17 chapters in all. The chapters are divided in moments, the most poignant or important moments of the story. In each moment , there are many different things to explore: either objects to collect or read new pieces of writing by JK Rowling.

The artwork in the scenes have a depth as well. One can zoom in x1 or even x2  and then find even more objects that were originally blurred out. It’s very clever that way 😀  I also really like the layout of the top menu: the Pottermore gate as it were. Hogsmeade is still locked but otherwise you can explore Gringotts bank, Diagon Alley , the Great Hall and your Common Room.  One can play wizard’s duel (in theory) and practice spells, and brew potions to gain House Points. You can also view your trunk (the items you have collected during your tour) . Finally you can add anything you really liked during the tour under favourites.


Getting into the story, and actually becoming part of the story as it were happens when you get inside Diagon Alley. You’ll find every shop that was ever mentioned in the books (even though some are still locked). you truly get a wonderful shopping experience :D, the highlight of which is getting a pet and of course your wand! The quiz is really a lot of fun to take and prepares you for the big one…the sorting hat quiz which you take just a while later. The sorting hat is a true highlight of the whole Pottermore experience: once sorted, the decision is final! So answer truthfully and carefully to each of the 7 questions. I ended up in Hufflepuff which is perfect for me 😀 (if you wish to read more about either the wand quiz or the sorting hat quiz: please checkout ‘Pottermore Spoiler’ on the top menu! )

The Good

I have to mention Jo’s new insights about different characters and objects that you’ll find in many chapters throughout the tour. I liked reading them all, especially the back-story of McGonagall and how Petunia met Vernon :D. Also liked reading my Common Room welcome message of Hufflepuff House! And all the new information about wand woods and their properties. I really wish there was even more info though. You’ll find that sometimes Pottermore just added 1 sentence to a particular character or object, which is quite disappointing. But I’m sure we’ll get to read new information in Book 2 and so on.

I really enjoyed collecting the objects : the books, the chocolate frog cards , potion ingredients and the galleons. You can easily view what you have collected thus far in your trunk and you can even choose to give one of the objects you collected as a gift to one of your friends you made on Pottermore.

Making friends on Pottermore is very easy, all you have to do is click on an icon and ‘add as friend’, everyone is so nice that no one would decline the request 😀 It has of course helped to be part of the #pottermorefamily as lots of us already know each other by now LOL But that said I love my Hufflepuff Common Room 😀  Almost everyone is glad to be there (some are blaming the sorting hat for ending up in wrong house but pff) and will help new members of the family with whatever their questions may be! It’s just a bit awkward that we can’t reply to each other’s messages individually, or send owls (though I think this is an option that could be explored in October).

The Disappointing

I think I’m most disappointed by the two games we have thus far to earn House Points. Potion Brewing and Spells. Potion Brewing could be improved by adding time to the hourglass timer and dramatically reduce the brewing time frame from the ridiculous 80min and more REAL TIME into say 30min maximum. My mouse also had trouble with picking the ingredients up and stirring the spoon. I won’t go into the fact that I haven’t been able to brew at all for 4 days now due to a glitch (they are working on it right now). I know I’m a beta-tester for a reason. The other game is Wizard’s Duel, sadly this has many glitches and isn’t working a lot. You have to compete by making spells, which are quite hard to do as the tutorial given is really confusing. So far I only managed a spell of 139 strength whatever I do lol. I’m also questioning the re-play ability  of Pottermore itself. I’ve been through the chapters of Book 1; 5 times now and apart from making friends, add some comments and practice some spells; there’s really not much else going on once you’ve been sorted and have your wand. But again I’m sure things could still improve with Book 2…


I think Pottermore has the potential ingredients of becoming a wonderful site for us Harry Potter fans to enjoy in the forth coming years. Thus far I think I’d give it a good 7/10 and I’m sure things can only improve for when October comes along and the site opens for all.


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  1. hc
    Sep 04, 2011 @ 04:22:28

    Hello, I chanced upon this site through a Google search. Been dying to find out what’s happening at Pottermore (Yes, I received a congratulations mail, still waiting for my welcome mail though) and I love the information you have put up here. It helps to ease my frustration. 🙂 I have even put up the link of this blog on my Pottermore fanpage on facebook and even put up your review in the notes section – giving you due credit of course. Hope that is okay. Look forward to reading more on your blog. Cheers!

  2. hc
    Sep 05, 2011 @ 04:04:23

    You are most welcome. 🙂 I did enjoy your posts – it is vicarious pleasure for me as I mentioned before: I am still waiting for my welcome mail. Sigh. 🙂 Those screen shots you posted really made me smile in anticipation! My facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/HarryPotterMore If you are on facebook do ‘like’ it. Thanks in advance.

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