Updates & massive cyberhugs

Where do I begin? Honestly I had no idea my little post about the cheaters in Pottermore, would send ripples through the WWW like it did!
 I know thousands of you on tumblr and facebook have reblogged this post, linked to it or have discussed the matter. Which is quite simply amazing because of two reasons. First, the fact that cheating is going on in all the Houses has now been wide-spread all over the place thanks to you, so everyone who’s interested can read up on the facts. Secondly, I just can’t describe the awesomeness of you all by showing such support! 😀 It really means a lot that my #pottermorefamily and otherwise complete strangers commented on my blog in support , after one of them *rolls eyes* actually admitted to everything ! I also got a nice response on Pottermore too , by a sudden wave of friend requests by all houses alike: though many Ravenclaws 😀 So I just want to give everyone a huge   for everything!xxxxx         

Meanwhile tonight on Owlwatch, a further ‘drop’ of mails have been sent out by Pottermore, really disappointing as they have missed such a chance yesterday of all days. On this note ; do read Elmblade’s awesome blog about this: http://elmgoestohogwarts.wordpress.com/  And RoseSeer’s http://roseseer195.blogspot.com/ Furthermore Pottermore have updated the Insider blog tonight: http://insider.pottermore.com/ well it’s ok to change brewing times, but I’d like potions to work full stop first.. (11 days now since glitch!).

Last but not least I want to mention my Hufflepuff Badgers in this update, as you all collectively reached over 15.000pts today! We may end up last in the House Cup , but that doesn’t mean we’ll ever give up or lose hope to climb a bit further …


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  1. Jeyna Grace
    Sep 10, 2011 @ 13:15:43

    Funny how people only think Slytherins are cheaters.. JUST because Voldemort was a Slytherin. That’s like racism right there! LOL.

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