Pottermore takes Action!

It looks like Pottermore is definitely taking some measures against the people who cheated inside Pottermore! 😀 Someone on twitter posted these screen shots taken just 8 hrs apart yesterday. To comply with personal safety protection I’ve blurred out the person’s location and Pottermore username. You’ll notice that this person has lost 100 points to end up with a balance of 0! I hope it teaches all these pottermore cheaters a lesson: you don’t mess with the honest fun of young kids on a website (beta-phase or not!)

Also the student count inside Pottermore is going down, instead of up! Either unhappy people are deleting their accounts due to being angry of having been sorted into ‘the wrong house’. Or Pottermore has decided to ban people from the site. Last count: 144.267 instead of 144.309 yesterday.


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  1. Keiko Kobayashi
    Sep 05, 2011 @ 02:54:56

    Hurray! How did they find out though? Who cheated and who didn’t? I think it’s just people who were reported get banned. Anyway the count is even lower now, at 144,249.

  2. SeekerRose184
    Sep 05, 2011 @ 08:58:19

    Hi Keiko! 😀
    I think they did a full look into who earned points the most quickly (or the reverse who lost points the more quickly). Now dueling is still down, there’s no way to earn or lose 5 points in less than 80 minutes using potions. Everyone who earned / lost more points per 80 minutes MUST therefore use the time-turner trick. I don’t think they’ll ban people who may have used it once or twice, but the real ‘cheaters’ who purposely sabotaged houses for their enjoyment.

    Pottermore of course, new some names from the Facebook page, that the original person who blew the whistle blogged about on Tumblr. I was lucky enough to screen shot the page , before he/she took it down again. I emailed everything to Pottermore, and last week one of the FB group wasn’t really being clever: by admitting everything leaving 3 posts. So I emailed that too ;p

    I don’t care if some people call me a ‘Grass’ for ratting them out. If it wasn’t me, someone else of our #pottermorefamily on twitter would have done it!

  3. magicgalleon92
    Sep 05, 2011 @ 20:47:24

    It seems to me that this instance is of someone who deliberately blew up cauldrons if they went from -100 to 0; I think that these are the secondary accountants being removed and not the person’s primary account. I don’t think they are penalizing people for the time turner trick because that would call for a massive point reduction for all houses. They have fixed the multiplaction cheat, which is good. I would not call you a “Grass” (never heard of that nickname before) becauase Pottermore hasn’t removed those people and most likely they won’t. After all if you had seen the entire conversation you would have known it was all just talk; thats one of the problems with getting secondhanded information.

  4. Jason Wolcott
    Sep 05, 2011 @ 22:22:14

    So as for the new FB posts that you screen capped…are they from your own house and you’re exposing the identity of its members, which is against FB security policies, or have you infiltrated another house to get those? Either way it seems pretty underhanded and hypocritical. You can rationalize that you’re doing it all for the good of Pottermore, but that’s all it is, a rationalization. You’re really just being an overzealous hall monitor using your own dishonorable means to get the end results you desire. In that, you’re just as bad as the alleged cheaters of all houses.

  5. SeekerRose184
    Sep 05, 2011 @ 23:14:27

    For your information I was allowed to use these screen shots (above of ravenclaw)by someone who posted them on twitter and who took them! AND I at least blurred out the personal info and nope these don’t come from inside Facebook either!

    It’s not hypocritical of me, and if you are inside Pottermore you’d see a sudden drop of students in all houses! Either they deleted them themselves OR Pottermore is effectively deleting them. Anyways I DON’T have multiple accounts and I DON’T have infiltrated other houses either! Besides apparently further screen shots of deductions were posted on tumblr. It’s for all to see , if one wishes to look at least…

    If you’re talking about the new posts I emailed pottermore: I’m referring to the posts he/she left on my WordPress blogpost! Again it wasn’t really clever to admit what he/she did with pride, and boast about it on a public blog…

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  7. Netmilsmom (@Netmilsmom)
    Sep 14, 2011 @ 16:05:26

    LOL!!! Jason must be a cheater.
    Thank you Seeker Rose.
    How do you contact the admin of Pottermore?

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