#OwlWatch – Wave 12

So glad many of you got your owl tonight, during another wave!! Congratulations to @DustMahogany @DawnFirebolt and @Mumi79 for finally getting your owls (all day 2s #pottermorefamily đŸ˜€ ) Brilliant!! From the new numbers of students in the Great Hall, we can only hope they’ll keep adding more and more of you ’til they reach 300.000 before the break. It’s only my pure ramblings about this subject, but i’m seriously wondering how else they’ll fit in the 800.000 still waiting before September 30? They have to step it up BIG TIME.  After all: potions is still glitchy , wizard’s duel is non-existent and this with now about 203.000 students…if it’s not stable now, what will it do with 1 million?


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