One Month inside Pottermore

After one month inside Pottermore and into Hogwarts, I thought it was time to write another review. As I know many want to stay utterly spoilerfree , simply click on the more tab to read the full review.

As always comments , feedback and discussions are more than welcome! 😀  

 *Spoiler Alert if you click on ‘More’* 

The Changes

One of the most important changes are the rise in students! The Great Hall has now almost reached 400.000 this week 😀 And the number of students are fairly spread over the 4 Houses. Some say the Sorting Hat is rigged now , to make sure each house has same amount of students , but I’m not so sure. You still have the choice to answer how you wish over 7 questions but multiple answer choices. If the Sorting hat was rigged it would ruin the credibility of Pottermore in my opinion.

The Potion points and how they are allocated is by far the best improvement they made so far. Until just a few days go, you were awarded 5 pts for each successful brewed potion, no matter it’s difficulty. Furthermore you were also awarded 1 pt if you failed a potion. This system resulted in quite many people, just waving their wand for 5 secs: failing their potion on purpose and so gaining points very fast indeed . Normally you have to wait at least 80 minutes to gain your 5 pts if done correctly.

Thankfully Pottermore listened to our suggestions of getting more house points, the more difficult the potion. A recap.
* Cure for Boils = 3 pts 
* Antidote to Common Poisons = 7 pts 
* Forgetfulness Potion= 9 pts 
* Herbicide = 9 pts 
* Awakening Potion = 9 pts 
* Sleeping Draught = 11 pts

The next improvement could shorten the brewing time (they’ve acknowledged this in their Insider Blog). Real time 80min to 100min is far too long!  If they’d shorten it by 40% it would be a great result! I can honestly not see the younger kids wait patiently for so long to give their potion a last clock-wise turn…~_~ . Many kids are given an internet limit usage as well (maybe 1 hour a day) so hope Pottermore takes this into consideration as they want to make the site work for every age, no matter how young.

Finally they updated the Notifications , so that you can now ‘remove all’ with 1 click. 

So all in all these are more minor tweaks than real changes so far…

The Boredom

Pottermore is seriously flawed when one or both of the games to earn House Points are down. The glitches are so annoying, beta-testing or not. Wizard’s Duel has been down for the last 3 and 1/2 weeks, so almost nobody from wave 4 onwards has even had the chance to try it out! Potions is still going in an endless loop for many, or your points are not awarded correctly. A sign of a fix is after 4 weeks, still not in sight either.


There really is nothing to do on Pottermore when things go awry game-wise 😦  Yes the experience is fun for the first few days, but then all is left is earning points for the House Cup…


I sincerely hope, they will fix everything for everyone before the big opening. And that they’ll add a lot more interactive content and mini-games for us to explore and to enjoy. If things stay the same until book 2, I fear not many people will continue to login on a daily basis just to brew a potion..  I’m giving the site 5.5/10  due to being unable to brew for almost 4 entire weeks due to loop!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caroline Lakeman (@Carostar680)
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 15:02:02

    Good recap, enjoyed reading! My potions has finally worked so I guess when they updated the points they managed to fix it which is good 🙂 Potions time really needs to go down – just wondering, is the time different with different cauldrons yet or is it still the 80 minutes (or whatever :P)

    • SeekerRose184
      Sep 18, 2011 @ 08:55:11

      Thanks for reading !! 😀
      My potions haven’t been fix, but @LightSand58 found a way to brew in the loop. So i can brew now , but can only gain 3pts no matter what potion as it still remembers the ‘Cure for Boils’ that’s on LOL
      But 3 is more than 0 !
      I still can’t see a difference: with brass cauldron maybe -5 minutes tops, and copper does the same, it’s not ‘fast’ at all! Hope they change that too as I bought 45 galleons in cauldrons in hope to speed things up ;p

      Glad potions works for you again!

  2. Caroline Lakeman (@Carostar680)
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 10:13:15

    Well at least you can brew yes, it is a start 🙂 And at least you can help your house again! I was getting worried when my ‘position’ was getting further and further back in the house 😛

    Thats a shame – I always use a copper one, which I assume is the ‘best’ one as it is the most expensive? So, Brass does change the time? hmm 😛

  3. lala javier (@lalabebeforever)
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 13:23:11

    nice review… as of the moment, i’m starting to get bored with the site 😦 waiting for a long period of time just to brew a potion is not quite fun… at first it was exciting but eventually you will get bored with the same games the site offers you… and not to mention that the site is lacking of background music, it adds to your boredom.

    i just hope the site will be improved… we are still potterheads that want better pottermore 🙂

    • SeekerRose184
      Sep 19, 2011 @ 14:38:08

      I know, I don’t think they’ve thought this through…potions is ‘fun’ for once in a while but not all day long!
      It becomes rather tedious. I hope for a lot of improvements with book 2.
      Otherwise it will go from Potter-More to Potter-Bore very quick indeed 😦

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