Pottermore – deadline trouble!

I might be very pessimistic but reading between the lines of their latest insider blog http://insider.pottermore.com/2011/09/accessing-pottermore.html they will not achieve the Magical Quill Challenge promise 😦  They might say, they were overwhelmed by the activity and response, but what else did they expect? To be honest there wasn’t that much activity to be had , all we can do is yes explore the book, but when that was done: everyone just brewed potions! Brewing potions and maybe say the odd comment in the common rooms. Oh and if you had 15 minutes, one could practice some spells. Otherwise uhm it was quite an underwhelming experience. Especially in my case and many others, with people having a super-glitch in potions and being in the never-ending loop!

And now they have a 600.000 backlog op people to be let in, before the official opening in ‘October’.  I’d rather they closed the site down for a week if they have to , to fix all the BUGS and allow us to play Wizard’s Duel than this downtime of every few hours, with nothing really fixed…  Sony has made a mess of things, pure and simple! 😦  Now I’m going to see in 4 hours time if they finally fixed my potion…


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  1. pixiemagic
    Sep 23, 2011 @ 14:46:19

    I knew this would happen. They just never expect this from Harry Potter. Only the fans know how big the fandom is. Urgh… these people will never understand.

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