The end of Owlwatch & start of PurpleParty

The good news: Pottermore has sent every last email – owl today to the ones left in the #NoOwlParty. Congratulations to the 510.000 of you 😀 The bad news , they completely backtracked on their own rules to sent batches of owls little by little to avoid serious crash sites and instability. What in Merlin’s name where they thinking of sending over 500.000 emails in one go?!!! Do I need to tell you what happens if you try to sign in? I guess not if you’re a Beta, you know you end up with a large purple screen asking you to be patient (page refreshes every 15 secs) Now a new message has popped up in case the page keeps on refreshing: it basically tells you there are too many people inside already, and Pottermore decided to keep you out.

Fool that I was to think that my only frustration with Pottermore would be my never-ending potion loop or the non -event of wizard’s dueling for last 5 weeks. Nope now the basic sign in procedure is enough to make anybody even more frustrated with the site! Pottermore: you need to fix your glitches before you open to the masses or no-one is going to enjoy your ‘experience’ anymore! 



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  1. truthsthoughtstangents
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 01:17:35

    So true! I just got my welcome email 2 days ago and have spent more time hitting “refresh” than experiencing Pottermore!

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