No Halloween opening – Beta continues

Pottermore let everyone know yesterday that the Beta period is extended for a good while longer. This means of course that the site won’t be opening for all at end of this month (read Halloween) after all ~_~ To be fair this comes as no big surprise at all… They only opened the survey last week, where we betas could finally vent our frustrations about the numerous bugs and have our say how the site could be improved. So naturally if they are smart ,they’ll take notice of some of the suggestions we made before they let everyone in.

They do mention that they’re working on new exciting improvements…well let’s start by making Wizard’s Duelling available again shall we? *sighs* Other than that I hope for:

* Music – Website soundtrack and sound effects during games
Forum / Chat – Being able to reply to comments in common room directly! Send owls with messages to friends.
* Potions – Shorten brewing time by 40%  . Actually make copper cauldron brew faster than pewter. A second potion book would be great too.
* Interactivity – More interactive scenes during the moments , use the objects we collected to do stuff with them.
* House Points – More ways to earn points than just spells and potions: more mini-games to play!

On a final note, I’m really happy to have played the magical quill challenge as I fear they won’t open the site for all til early 2012…


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  1. elmdawn140
    Oct 30, 2011 @ 10:50:07

    It must be getting so annoying for all the Harry Potter fans that didn’t get into Pottermore early. Honestly Pottermore should be available to everyone at the very least Christmas… I had an idea for the Pottermore team, that all the Beta testers
    had a little prefect badge on their profile pic, the one with animal on, so that when the site opens to everyone all the new players that need help can message them directly and know that the info they get is reliable.

    • SeekerRose184
      Oct 31, 2011 @ 11:21:20

      I know it’s so sad for all the people waiting! 😦
      Christmas opening would be great but we know by now that Pottermore likes to take its time hmmm….
      Oh I like the idea of a Prefect badge! =)
      I really hope they do a DM via owls, how awesome would it be lol ;p

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