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Hufflepuff House – A History

“You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, And unafraid of toil” (From the Sorting Hat)

Hufflepuff House is one of the 4 Houses of Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry founded in the 9th-10th century. Helga Hufflefuff, a Medieval witch from Wales born in the 10th century, founded the school together with Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slyhtherin. While the other 3 founders liked to accept students with distinctive traits , Helga accepted everyone who was loyal and hard-working into her House.

Helga Hufflepuff was a charming witch and good friend of Rowena Ravenclaw. She liked to use cooking charms very much, and ’til this day her recipes are used for many of the Hogwarts Feasts! She was also a witch on a mission! It was Helga who invited the House-Elves into Hogwarts to help them secure a place of work in the kitchens, where they would be treated fairly and be safe from abuse. A relic of hers is a cup with magical powers, that Tom Riddle used as a Horcrux when he stole it from one of her descendants Hebzibah Smith in 1946. The cup might have been  part of the original Hogwarts dinnerware, and used to get the food up from the kitchens  by magically appearing onto the plates.

Loyalty, Fair-play, Hard-working and Honesty are the 4 fundamentals on which Hufflepuff House is based upon. Even if the Sorting Hat says “Helga took the ‘rest’ and taught them all she knew”, doesn’t mean the ‘rest’ was not as good, if not better than Gryffindors, Slytherins or Ravenclaws. There’s this whole myth that Hufflepuffs equals dumb wizards & witches or total duffers: completely WRONG! Hufflepuff House has produced many brilliant witches and wizards, but just because unlike *cough* the Ravenclaws*cough* we don’t boast about our accomplishments , doesn’t mean we are not as clever, we simply don’t get the credit we deserve! And if we wish to talk about bravery: Hufflepuff  was next to Gryffindor, the House with largest number of students who stayed on in Hogwarts and fought against Voldemort!

Famous Hufflepuffs

*Helga Hufflepuff* Founder of the Hufflepuff House in Hogwarts 
*Pomona Sprout*  The Hufflepuff Head of House and Herbology teacher. We like her very much as she sometimes brings plants into our common room that can dance and talk! Also Herbology happens to be our best subject.
*Hengist of Woodcroft* Founder of Hogsmeade (yes that’s right folks: without us badgers you wouldn’t have the Three Broomsticks, Honeydukes or Zonko’s jokeshop :D) the only all-Wizarding village in Britain.
*Nymphadora Lupin née Tonks* She’s  only the coolest ever metamorphmagus that ever lived! We adore Tonks , and I’m still happily floating on the river DeNile about what really happened to her and Lupin ;p
*Cedric Diggory*  Our true Triwizard champion! And yes I’m aware of the RPatz loathing, hey I don’t like the actor either…BUT I do like the character Jo created and that’s what matters!
*Grogan Stump*  The most popular Minister of Magic of all-time!
*Newt Scamander*  The world-authority figure on magical creatures.
*Bridget Wenlock*  The  famous thirteenth-century Arithmancer who first discovered the magical properties of the number seven.
*Eglantine Puffett*  Inventor of the self-soaping dishcloth. What is wrong with people inventing clever and useful domestic wares like this one? People are still watching Dragon’s Den and other tv shows …all trying to conquer the market for gadgets in kitchens, bathrooms or workplace.
*The Fat Friar*  The Hufflepuff House ghost. He’s friendly and extremely helpful in showing us the way if we ever get lost.
*J.K. Rowling*  Oops almost forgot: yes Jo took a sorting hat quiz and was placed in Hufflepuff! Siriously if that doesn’t make Hufflepuff the best House around, what will?! 😀

The Badger emblem – House colours

The Hufflepuff emblem is the badger. Many thinks it’s the Honey badger that is depicted, but after a good search on the internet, our Badger resembles the Welsh badger the most (European badger). It’s genus is meles-meles, and in Irish Gaelic a badger is called ‘Brock’.

The badger may look all cuddly and sweet BUT it can lash out if it feels threatened by a predator or if it’ s attacking his or her family. Their jaws are so powerful they can crush most bones! The badger has no problems in attacking wolves and has a diet of earthworms, fruits, barley and wheat and uhm…snakes ;D It is a very social animal and forms groups of about 6 to 23 badgers per group. They are also very tolerant towards each other as there’s no sign of any dominant hierarchy. I think the badger sums up the traits of the Hufflepuffs very well!  We lie low, but when provoked we lash out and protect our own : nobody intimidates us! 😀

Hufflepuff House colours are black and  yellow, and can be linked to the element of ‘Earth’. Helga’s clothing in the portrait shows these earthy colours of dark brown mixed with yellow. It can therefore be no surprise that the Hufflepuffs do well in Herbology as they are in contact with plants and earth. The colour black may refer to the fur of the badger. Black is in itself is a mysterious colour.  The colour yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. Yellow can spark spells of creative thoughts.

The Common Room

The Hufflepuff Common Room is located in the same corridor as the Hogwarts kitchens, and can be entered by tapping the correct barrel in the rhythm of  ‘Helga Hufflepuff’. The lid will then swing open. If however the lid of the barrel is tapped in the wrong rhythm or the incorrect barrel is tapped, the intruder will get doused with vinegar. It is the only house in Hogwarts who has a repelling devise against intruders 😀

Harry ,Hermione or Ron may not have visited Hufflepuff’s common room, but just for this reason it’s all the more fun to explore! If any of you have watched Lord of the Rings: imagine a cozy Hobbit house ! Just like a badger’s burrow really, you have to follow a tunnel before entering in the coziest room of them all!  It has a very low ceiling , it is always sunny and has round wooden doors and windows. You have to imagine the most squashy comfortable chairs in front of the open fire, with lots of plants (that can talk or dance – hello *Bob* our cactus) filling the room. The windows look out onto grassy fields and yellow dandelions. The girls and boys dormitories are accessed by another set of wooden doors leading to a very comfortable bed with comfy pillows and a soft , warm quilt. There are lots of bronze coloured lamps hanging everywhere, adding to the feel of warmth , earthiness and coziness. I think a Hobbit would be pleased with such accommodation, so would a badger , and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!


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  2. Judith Razon (@demfae)
    Sep 11, 2011 @ 18:36:31

    Hi! I’d just like to amend something: JK mentioned in an interview that she took two unofficial sorting hat quizzes and was sorted into Hufflepuff. In a separate interview (the link is found at the bottom), she wants to be in Gryffindor because she values courage above all. (Though she did say that there’s also a good bit of Hufflepuff in her.) So yeah, nothing is really official.



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