Potions Class – Grade A

YAY! I think Snape would give me an A for potions today , A as in ‘Acceptable’  😀 I managed to brew ‘Sleeping Draught’ for the first time this morning and win 11 points for Hufflepuff ! Seeing we’re 3500 points behind Gryffindor it’s quite a necessity really…         Now onto the next as I hope to get to 350 points before my Uni class starts on Monday ;p 


Potions – Magical Points

Pottermore has updated the points system today! Very good news as it will no longer favour people who cheated in the past 😀
Very important as well, that you will no longer be awarded 1 pt for failing to brew! So everyone who once just waved their wands to fail on purpose and get over 10pts per hour, will no longer be able to do neither. Good luck everyone and be careful with your cauldrons! ;p

* Cure for Boils = 3 pts
* Antidote against common poisons = 7 pts
* Forgetfulness Potion = 9 pts
* Herbicide = 9 pts
* Awakening Potion= 9 pts
* Sleeping Draught = 11 pts

~*Badger Pride*~

I’ve added a new page called Badger Pride 😀 You’ll find all the info about Hufflepuff House and more importantly: why you should be PROUD to be a badger! Yes I’m really sort of getting desperate here with all the whinging , complaining, crying etc…I read in my Common Room and on twitter of people being angry at the Sorting Hat for being put in Hufflepuff, like we were a dreadful disease! We are such an awesome House 😀 Read for yourself…Be Proud, Be a Badger! xxx



Say Hello to *Bob* !

Potions is STILL down (for me), sadly the Sony people still haven’t found a way to resolve the glitchy issues… So will have to remain a patient Hufflepuff for the 17th day running. So while being quite frankly bored on Pottermore (Duel btw also still down), I spent a bit of my time with photoshop, trying to recreate *Bob* 😀

All aboard the Hogwarts Express!

It’s the 1st of September today, I know many of you have to head back to school for another new year of learning. Best of luck and fun to you all ;p ! But of course to every Harry Potter fan the 1st of September has a special meaning : departure from platform 9 and 3/4 at 11am on board the Hogwarts Express! If only we really could go to Hogwarts and learn magic 😀 Instead I guess we still have Pottermore… which reminds me don’t forget to collect the chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts every flavour beans in the compartment ;p 

Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts Classes – Update

After a full week at Hogwarts I’ve to say things aren’t going so well. Wizard’s Duel is still offline (except for 10 minutes where Tricia @HawthornDawn won 2 matches ;p ); but yes Wizard’s Duel is firmly stuck in maintenance mode.

Potions meanwhile have been a B**** due to the 100% cauldron in use glitch!Haven’t been able to  brew since that 22/08  

On the plus side of it all, since potions cannot be brewed: my only form of entertainment left on Pottermore is practicing spells! And after quite  a bit of practice , I can now do a cracking ‘Petrificus totalus’ 😀  My ultimate record is now 143 ! So hopefully I will be able to win some duels now. (when the game will be back online that is).

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