Ollivander’s Wand

Ollivander’s wand choosing

After you finished doing the rest of your shopping in Diagon Alley: all that remains is buying a wand… You get your wand by answering truthfully to 7 questions.

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Question 1: Would you describe yourself as…

  • short for your age
  • average height for your age   x
  • tall for your age

Question 2: Select your eye colour (blue-dark brown)

  • Brown x

Question 3: Was the day on which you were born…

  • an odd number x
  • an even number

Question 4: Do you most pride yourself on…

  • Determination
  • Imagination x
  • Resilience
  • Intelligence
  • Originality
  • Optimism
  • Kindness

Question 5: Travelling alone on a deserted road, you reach a crossroads.Do you continue …

  • Left towards the Sea x
  • Ahead towards the Forest
  • Right towards the Castle

Question 6: Do you most fear…

  • Darkness
  • Fire x
  • Heights
  • Small spaces
  • Isolation

Question 7: In a chest of magical artefacts, which one would you choose…

  • The dusty bottle
  • The old black glove
  • The golden key
  • The Ornate mirror
  • The silver dagger
  • The glittering jewel
  • The bound-up scroll x


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